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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gyro G G-Spot Vibrator

It's review day!!!! That means that I got a chance to spend some quality time with a new toy. My new friend of the month is the Gyro G, a g-spot vibrator, by Pleasure Works. Here's a picture!

Isn't she pretty?  I haven't named her yet but I eventually will, just give me some time.

I ended up buying a Groupon for my favorite Bay Area adult store, Good Vibrations, so I felt like a little kid at a candy store once I had some time to do some adult shopping. I wanted to get some quality toys, but I also wanted to buy more than one, which is kind of hard to do at times because the super high quality toys (which also tend to be the rechargeable ones) have a tendency to cost an arm and a leg, and sometimes a boob and your ovaries. Fortunately, this particular toy only cost $25, so I made another purchase for a toy I will be reviewing next month.

Every time I buy a new toy I feel like I need to rush home and take it out for a test drive... in my vagina; this toy was no different. I washed it first (because it's important to be sanitary with things that will be in or around your womanhood), inserted the batteries, added a bit of lube to the toy, undressed, and then went to town. At first I was inserting the toy straight in and too deep. The sensation I was feeling was pleasurable, but that's also because I enjoy a bit of pain when there's pressure against my cervix (yes, size does matter to me). But then I proceeded to insert the toy with more shallow thrusts and at a bit of an angle; this made the world of difference in terms of G-spot stimulation. Within minutes I was experiencing a fairly intense orgasm that involved absolutely no clitoral stimulation. I even think that I might have been close to making myself squirt a couple of times, but that might have just been the different feeling in terms of stimulation in comparison to my normal masturbation method of clitoral stimulation. 

The Stats:
The Gyro G is 5 1/4" long and 5/8" wide.
It requires two double A batteries, which are not included (at this point, I have quite a few rechargeable batteries).
It is made of ABS (acrylonitile butadiene styrene) plastic, which is a hard, non-porous material which makes it easy to clean with just a simple, mild, antibacterial soap and warm water.
The tip of the toy is tapered and angled for maximum g-spot stimulation.
There are about two to three intensity settings which are controlled with a dial at the bottom of the toy. The only reason I'm not sure with the number if intensity settings is because it's easy to miss the middle setting with the dial.
There is more girth in the middle of the toy which allows a much fuller feeling while using the toy (that full feeling is really, really nice... just my own observation).
The motor is very silent (especially when compared to the Hitachi Magic Wand).
And it's velvety to the touch.

Intense little motor.
The tapered, angled tip allows for maximum G-spot stimulation.
The girth in the middle adds to your orgasm experience. 
Simple to use.
Simple to clean.
And most importantly, it's INEXPENSIVE!!!

The center girth can potentially be uncomfortable to some women with tighter vaginas.

There really are no "cons" that I could think of to write up. Due to that, and my wonderful orgasms since purchasing this toy, and the extremely affordable price, the Gyro G gets a giant "DilDo" from me.

Before I sign off, though, I would like to make sure to note that this is not a good toy for anal play due to the lack of a tapered end. Never, ever, EVER insert anything into your bum that can potentially get sucked up and lost in there.

Until next time, stay excited! 

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