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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Sex

Most of us have done it, and those of us who haven't are surely missing out on birthday sex! Since it's my birthday today I felt that it was appropriate to hold off the blog post until today and to write about this topic. I have had quite a few other topics in line, but I figured I would just go with this one for now (my appologies to the commenter that I told that I would answer their question in this post).

Birthday sex, where a female is the one celebrating her birthday, is one of my favorites things to think about, mainly because I know that this should be a time where most, if not all, of her needs will be met. Unfortunately, this year there won't be any birthday sex for yours truly, but I definitely don't mind. I do have to say, though, that my past birthday sex experiences have been quite amazing, even with the one or two people with whom I never had even slightly good sex with. There's something about a partner knowing that it's your birthday, and them knowing that they have been bestowed with the privledge of pleasuring you on your birthday, that makes them want to prove that they are the best lovers in the world. I know that when I've been someone's birthday sex partner I definitely go out of my way to make their sexual experience be above and beyond any of my other performances.

Giving birthday sex is the one time that you get to be selfless and put your partner first, even if your partner is just a hook-up buddy and not a significant other. I feel like putting your own needs aside, as hard as that usually tends to be for most of us, and focussing on the wonders of pleasuring someone else can be just as rewarding as being the birthday sex receiver. We all tend to be a bit selfish when it comes to wanting to be pleased, but I believe that putting your own needs aside for someone's birthday should give you extra brownie points for your own birthday (hopefuly you receive as good as you give).

Going back to why I like thinking about females that are receiving birthday sex. I believe that women, when with a male partner, should always be pleased first since it usually takes a bit longer for her to reach her climax. Now, we all know that this is hardly ever the case, and because of that I feel like a female's birthday is the one time when her needs should be, and hopefully are, being put first. If they aren't, then maybe your partner needs some help with being a bit less selfish, but if they are then you make sure you hold on to that man.

Now, although I won't be receiving any birthday sex from someone else doesn't mean that I won't be enjoying some self lovin'.

Until next time, stay excited!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Porn Myths

Hello readers! First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of a post last week. Unfortunately, I had to take care of some issues that had to be prioritized over the blog. Fortunately, though, all of that has been taken care of. And now, onto today's post.

Something that I have run into, and continue to run into, is people thinking that "porn" sex is the same as "real" sex, so this week's blog post is dedicated to debunking some of those Porn Myths.

I know that most of us use porn as a resource for learning a few new moves and tricks. I agree, there are a few things that porn can help us with, particularly if one is not inventive or spontaneous during sex, but not everything should be taken for granted when watching porn.

  • Oral Sex: Just flicking the tip of your tongue on a woman's clitoris will make a woman reach an orgasm.
    • FALSE!!! The clitoris requires quite a bit of pressure that the tip of the tongue cannot provide. Pushing one's tongue flat against the clitoris is what feels best, but because it doesn't look the prettiest on screen it is not shown in porn films, plus it's hard to film that.
  • Dirty Talk: During sex you can say whatever you want to get the mood going. If you want to call your partner a dirty slut, whore, bitch, etc., feel free to do so, it will turn her on.
    • FALSE!!! Never call a woman a slut, whore or a bitch, unless she has explicitly stated that she likes, or doesn't mind, being called these words. This is where communication comes into play. Some women don't like the dirty talk, they would prefer a bit of sweet talking during sex, or no talking, but if you don't communicate with your partner you will never know what they like, or what some of the "no-no" words may be.
  • Oral Sex After Penetration: Women love sucking on a penis or dildo that was just inside of them.
    • FALSE!!! Although a woman should know what they taste like, for health reasons, some women are not into tasting themselves, just like most men don't care to taste their own semen. Also, if a penis or dildo was in a woman's anus she should DEFINITELY not lick that because of bacteria that they might ingest.
  • Going Back and Forth Between the Anus and Vagina: You can go back and forth between the anus and vagina during intercourse.
    • HUGE FALSE!!! The women in the porn films in which this occurs have their anal cavity THOROUGHLY, or at least one would hope so, cleaned out (not to mention that it's also pre-stretched prior to shooting the anal sex scenes). Never EVER go back to front on a woman, whether it be with a penis, finger, dildo, or some other toy. There is bacteria, lots of bacteria, in the anal cavity, and this bacteria is definitely "no bueno". Now, if you switch up the condoms, after going into the anus, THEN you can go back into the vagina. 
  • Anal Sex Doesn't Require Much Lube: Just a bit of spit can go a long way. Also, it's not necessary to play with a girl's clitoris during anal sex, just the anal penetration will get a girl off.
    • FALSE!!! When it comes to anal sex, lube is your best friend. Even with people that have a lot of anal sex need some lube to initially ease anything in the anus. Also, if you're a male and you're having anal sex with a female partner, please make sure to not forget to go for a little reach-around clitoral play. 
Those were the "big" myths that I could think of at the moment. If anyone of you can think of others please feel free to share them in the comments section. 

Until next time, stay excited!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My New Vibrator, My New Paper Weight

Before I begin, I would like to give all of you owners of both adult toys and dogs a bit of advice; make sure that you put your toys, particularly your favorite ones, out of your pooch's reach. I'm usually really good about putting toys away after I have washed them, but a few weeks ago I left my Smart Balls out on top of my "toy" chest and my dog, Ginger, discovered them, since it was at an accessible height for her, and decided to make them her new chew toy. I came home after work to find one of the balls had been chewed open and the weight that goes inside was nowhere to be found (and I wasn't about to start checking my dog's poop for it).

Fortunately, the Smart Balls are relatively inexpensive, so I don't mind replacing them, but it's still annoying. So remember, dogs love toys that are chewy, so silicone adult toys are just silicone dog toys to them. Keep your toys in a drawer(s), plastic bin, chest, padlocked safe, or anywhere that a dog can't open up and get to them. Now on to this month's review!


Today I'll be reviewing the Goddess Dual Clitoral and G-Spot Stimulator by Blush Novelties.

After a night of partying with a friend that was visiting from out of town, I came home and noticed I had a package waiting for me on my doorstep. I was pleasantly surprised and knew right away what was waiting for me in the package. I decided to leave the package unopened and went to bed; after all, it WAS three in the morning. When day-time came, and my dog decided it was time to wake me up so that we could go out for her morning walk, I opened up the package and took out my new pink vibrator. At first touch I was already really exciting, mainly because the feel of the silicone was really smooth and pleasant to the touch. Even my out-of-town friend agreed that it felt nice as she briefly examined the toy. Unfortunately, though, I had to wait a couple of nights before I would get a chance to try out this new toy. As much as I love my friend, I don't think that she would have appreciated me using the toy in my studio apartment while she was staying with me.

After my friend left, and the suspense had been sufficiently built up, I finally got a chance to spend the night with my new friend. I lubed up the head of the toy and went to town. The Goddess has seven different vibrating functions, all controlled by one button that's close to the clitoral stimulator. After about two minutes of using the toy, I realized that it wasn't really doing anything for me. I thought that it was possible that I just wasn't "turned on" and needed to watch some porn to assist with getting in the mood. After a short while of watching some porn, I quickly realized that the lack of porn was not the issue. I played with the various vibration settings, and still nothing. I quickly realized that the vibrations were just not strong enough. The shaft of the toy vibrates nicely, but the head, the part that's supposed to be hitting your G-spot, only faintly vibrates. The same thing goes for the clitoral stimulator, the vibrations were just not strong enough. I eventually gave up and decided to bring in another toy into the mix, my handy Layaspot. A few moments after incorporating the new toy, my Goddess DIED!!! Well, it stopped working. I thought that it was probably the batteries, so I just took them out and put them back in and it started working again. But this revival was short lived, a few minutes later the Goddess stopped working for a second time. At this point I decided to give up and give this toy another go on another occasion. 

About a week passed before I decided to try out the Goddess again. Unfortunately, this second time around, even with my low expectations, was still a poor experience. After about 15 minutes of using the toy it stopped working, again, and realized that the motor was getting over worked. I stopped and decided to just finish myself off with my Rabbit. I don't know if I'll really be using this toy much more, aside from just using it as a paper weight, but I know that it's not a good solo toy, and due to the thickness of the shaft, it's not really a good partner toy when being penetrated vaginally. Now, if you want to get penetrated anally while the Goddess is inside you, then it MIGHT be an alright toy, but I have yet to try that out.

All in all, the Goddess Dual Clitoral and G-Spot Stimulator by Blush Novelties sadly gets a "DilDon't" from yours truly. Now, if you don't require strong vibrations, then this toy might work for you, but it did not for me. The good thing about this toy, though, is that it was a fairly inexpensive toy, so not much of an investment was made on my new paper weight.

Until next time, stay excited!

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