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Friday, September 21, 2012

Women Penetrating Women

Before I begin with this week's blog post, I want to just let all the readers know that next week's post will be a very intimate post for me, and it will be posted on the blog on Saturday. So keep don't fret if you don't see it until the weekend.

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Last month, on my "Sex with Women" post, a reader asked: "How do two women engage in sexual intercourse?" I promised to respond to this question with a blog post, so here it is.

When I read that comment, the first thing that came to mind was the scene in "Chasing Amy" where Alyssa, played by Joey Lauren Adams, explains to Holden, played Ben Affleck, how two women can have sex. Holden's problem came with his lack of understanding how a woman can penetrate another woman, therefore thinking that two women can't REALLY have sex. I think that it's quite possible for some men to believe this, and believe that just because a woman has never been with another man that she's still a virgin. Then the question becomes, what is the definition of a woman losing her virginity? In all sincerity, this could just mean the first time you are penetrated by a partner, whether it be with a male bodied partner and their penis, or a female bodied partner and their fingers/hands.

There's a common misconception that a woman loses her virginity when her hymen breaks. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are a lot of young girls and women who don't have intact hymens and whom have never had any kind of sexual intercourse. Due to how active young girls and women are, it's quite easy for a girl to tear her hymen, but this doesn't mean that she's not still a virgin. When I lost my virginity (the first time I had a phallus penetrate my vagina) I didn't bleed. I had already broken my hymen a while ago; I think it was when I was younger and horseback riding. But I digress from the original question.

Aside from fingers and hands, women can penetrate other women with their tongues and with a strap-on. Some lesbian couples go to adult toy stores together to purchase toys to penetrate each other with; this practice is quite common. I've had a few conversations with men that don't understand this; why would two lesbians want to have sex with a strap-on? Why don't they just have sex with someone that has the real thing? Well, this is quite simple; because women don't "love" penis, or any other form of phallus. What they love is the person it's attached to; and this goes for pretty much all women, not just lesbians. The act of penetration, whether it be from a dildo or the real thing, is what's intimate, not the actual phallus itself.

Furthermore, to love someone is a form of penetration, and for some women, this is the important type of penetration. If I am with a woman and we love each other, and we're having sex but are not physically penetrating each other, that doesn't mean that when we're performing other forms of love-making we're still not penetrating each other in some way. Hopefully this has been insightful.

Until next time, stay excited!

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