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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sex in Cars

Having sex in a car is always very uncomfortable; yet, I have done it more times than I can count on two hands. I think that one of the reasons why I have done it so much is because of the excitement/dangerous factor that comes with having sex in a parked car, among other reasons. To clarify, by sex I mean penetration, not just oral sex or hand jobs.

The first time I had sex in a car was with someone that I had met through a friend. We hit it off and started "hanging out" with each other. Unfortunately, that was the year that I was living at home with my mom and commuting to school, he also lived at home. When we first wanted to "get it on" we had nowhere to do it, except for his car. Well, I wasn't too sure about having sex in a car on a residential street, even if it was late at night and the entire neighborhood was asleep. After a bit of making out and heavy petting I sort of gave in to having sex in the car.

One thing I need to point out before I describe the sex, his car was a Civic hatchback, so just imagine the amount of space, or lack thereof, which we had to get it on. When we first realized that we were going to have sex in his car we decided to just stay and do it in the front seat. After several uncomfortable moves, we both decided to move things to the back seat, which didn't really make the experience any better. We were both still very uncomfortable, but I still wanted to continue. I realized then that having sex in a car was really turning me on, regardless of how difficult it was to do so in his little car. There is a lot to be said about the risk of getting caught, it's dangerous and kinky. The sex wasn't great, due to the lack of space, but it was definitely a memorable experience because of how turned on I was.

Another person I've had sex in a car with had a bigger car, in which there was plenty of room to move around and try different positions. With this other person, we would some times drive out to hill top areas where there was a picturesque view of the city below, make out, then proceed to have sex in the car. I know that there's less of a "danger" factor involved in these instances since we would drive out to remote areas, but nonetheless, it was still exciting. Of course, not every time we got it on in his car was it in a secluded area with a pretty backdrop; at times we would just park on a dark residential street and hope to not get caught. Fortunately, nobody ever caught us.

The last time I had sex in a car was definitely in a much riskier location; Downtown Portland, parked under a street lamp. This is one of those instances where I had WAAAAY too much to drink and was just not thinking and going with what I felt in the moment; horny. Because we had both been drinking, I more than him, we went back to my car, because it was closest, and just started to make out. Of course, with that much alcohol, I was on a mission to get laid, so my wandering hands found his very eager penis. After a bit of oral sex, we reclined the seats and attempted to have sex. Once we both realized how uncomfortable we both were, we decided to get dressed and get into his car so we could go back to his place. Fortunately, all of the heavy breathing had fogged up the windows, so I'm pretty sure that the only thing the people in the city of Portland saw was a car rocking back and forth.

Granted, that last encounter was more due to a lack of ability to drive at the moment that things were going down, but every time I have found myself getting it on in a car I felt extra excited. One thing is for sure, you have to make sure to have tissue in your car, or just a towel, because it can get sweaty and a bit sticky in there.

Until next time, stay excited!

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