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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I’ve been away for soooooooo long, and I’m sorry about that. No, seriously, I really am. I feel like a part of me is dead when I don’t post, so time to revive that part of me that has been dead for the past several months.

Why have I not written in such a long time? Well, here’s a short list of a few reasons why:

  1. Writing a weekly update on the blog got to be a little too time consuming.
  2. I started spending more time taking care of my own needs (no, not just masturbating needs).
  3. I re-entered the world of dating, which is actually a bit time consuming.
  4. Reviewing toys got quite expensive.
  5. I was organizing my friend’s bachelorette party and prepping for her wedding, meaning that my toy budget was super tight (see reason 4).

There are other reasons, but I think that you get the picture. Well, today I just want to briefly post about how the blog will be changing before I post my toy review next week.

Change #1: I will no longer be posting on a weekly basis. I will guarantee a once a month post where I’m reviewing a toy, first Wednesday of the month, but some weeks will probably a lot busier than others (like when I’m working overtime at my day job).

Change #2: I will be making an effort to get some guest writers on here. The more guest writers I get the more posts you’ll see.

Change #3: Every few months I’ll switch up a toy review with a book review. Don’t worry, it will be a sex related book that will either educate or titillate. 

I know, change is scary, but believe me when I say that change is good for my sanity. 

So here's to looking forward to all the future posts!!!! Until next week, where I'll be reviewing the Hitachi Magic Wand, stay excited!

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