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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Hitachi Magic Wand... a love letter

When I first started planning my “blogging comeback” a made a list of toys that would be perfect to review. What was on that list varied from couples toys, bullets, dildo vibrators, and all sorts of other fun stuff. In the end, I decided to go with the the grandmother of all things that give pleasure... the Hitachi Magic Wand!!!! (In my head there was an “announcer's” echo as I typed that out).

When I first brought home The Magic Wand, which I have named Butch and will refer to it as such from now on, I was so excited that I almost couldn’t get it out of the packaging fast enough so that I can take it out for a “drive”. I closed my blinds, plugged Butch in, laid down on the bed and was about to go to town when I turned it on and realized why it has received all of the accolades it has. The intensity of the motor was exceedingly titillating, but the deafening  sound of the motor made me really self-cautious. I seriously felt like my neighbors could hear what I was doing. I turned on some music, to mask the sound of the motor, but I still couldn’t stop thinking about it. I began to imagine how embarrassing it would be if I was using it at night (which is my favorite time to handle my needs, before going to bed), and my landlord, whose bedroom is atop of mine, could hear what I was doing. After ten minutes of using Butch, and these thoughts going through my head, I finally came. The experience wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t get over the loudness of the motor. I was used to vibrators that are really quite, and ones in which the packaging boasts about the lack of noise.

Two weeks pass, and every time I use Butch I try to muffle the sound with pillows, blankets and by having the television on. But then, one day, when I was sitting at home and could hear my landlord having sex, I realized that I don’t really care if he could hear me. Since then, my experience with Butch has gotten a lot better. Now I don’t need to use it for ten minutes before I cum, I’m right around the five minute mark at the moment.

The entire time, during the first two weeks of using Butch, I wasn’t really judging the effectiveness of the Wand to bring me to orgasm; I was judging the sound it made and was over thinking about it so much that it was preventing me from enjoying this amazing toy. The vibrations are exceedingly powerful, even on the low setting, which I don’t believe in because I either go big or don’t use it at all. Either way, I have finally come to appreciate the power of this toy, and I also fully agree that it deserves every single accolade it has received thus far.

Now for the nitty gritty details:
The Magic Wand measures 12.5 inches, and weighs about 1 / 1.5 lbs. What I love most about the Magic Wand is how I never have to worry about batteries, whether it’s replacing them or recharging them. You plug this amazing toy to the wall and just turn it on and bask in all its glory. There are two settings to the Magic Wand, High and Low, and the head of the wand is designed for external use, on the cllitoris. Although, I guess if you want, one can potentially insert it, but I don’t recommend doing so unless you put a condom over the Wand.

The head of the wand is made of what appears to be a leather type of material, or it can just be soft plastic, which are both porous. If you are going to use one of these on your lady parts please make sure that you ALWAYS put a condom over it. No matter how much you clean it, it will never be clean enough to place over your vulva, unless you boil the top clean, which I’m sure you will not want to do unless you want to risk potentially throwing away $60. I opted to purchase a silicone Pop Top (pictured below with my wand), which is cheaper than constantly purchasing condoms (unless you always just grab a handful of condoms from your local gay bar as I have). 

The Pop Top did muffle some of the vibrations, though. If you don't require such a high intensity in vibrations as yours truly, then I think that anyone with a Wand should go to their local toy store and purchase one of those bad boys. They come in three different colors, and each color has a different texture; ridged, knob-ly, and smooth. It is designed to have a snug fit over the head of your wand, so putting it on at first might take a few minutes, but taking it on and off to clean it gets easier. Also, it helps to prevent wear and tear on the top of your wand. 

- No batteries required
- Strong vibrations
- Can be used for other areas, like lower back (I have tons of lower back pains)

- Loud
- Top is made of porous material and requires a condom or purchase of a silicone top
- A foot long

Honestly, those cons aren't even a big deal, even the loudness of the wand. The Hitachi Magic Wand gets a very long awaited "DilDo" from me. I'm so glad I decided to buy this great toy. 

Until next time, stay excited! 

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  1. I’m so excited for my Pop Top dildo to arrive! It is actually for my wife, however, since you mentioned that it is good for lower back pains, I’m gonna use it on my back! (Devilish laugh)

    -Ryan @ Vibrator Philippines