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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Layaspot by Fun Factory, Your BFF on long car rides

Two Fridays ago I was stuck in some of the crappiest traffic one could ever be stuck in. What is normally about an hour commute turned into a three and a half hour NIGHTMARE! The entire time that I was on the road I was thinking of how I could have somewhat enjoyed this frustrating situation had I just brought my Layaspot with me. Well, needless to say, ever since that day, I have not left home without it, just in case I find myself in another traffic jam from hell.

The Layaspot, by Fun Factory, is a waterproof, ergonomic and powerful external vibrator that comes in a plethora of colors and has a “little motor that could” that is sure to pleasure your erogenous zone. Crafted in Germany, with elastomed, the hypo-allergenic material is both soft to the touch and easy to clean. The great thing about this toy is its easy-to-use functions. To turn it on simply press and hold the + button, and to experience any of the eight vibration intensities simply continue to press the same button. After you have reached the maximum vibration level, press and hold the + button again to experience any of the three different pulsations. To turn it off press the – button until you get to the lowest vibration intensity then press and hold until the toy turns off. 

Because of the ergonomic shape, driving while using this toy is easy; hell, sitting with it in general is easy (I may or may not be using my Layaspot as I write this). Whenever I speak to friends or family about driving with the Layaspot I get looks of concern. One of the questions I’m constantly asked is, “won’t you get into a car accident because you’re not concentrating?” which is a valid concern. The truth is that I am fully capable of multi-tasking. My eyes never leave the road, and the excitement of masturbating in public makes the experience extra sensual and fun. Needless to say, the times that I have used it on my way to work have resulted in me being in a lighter mood while at work. On a few occasions, when I didn’t use it on my drive to work, I would use the Layaspot while on my way home due to a headache. I would arrive home headache free and ready to take my dog out on a hike.

Another advantage to the shape of the Layaspot is how easy it is to use with a partner, particularly a male-bodied partner. Any position where the female is laying down during penetration allows the Layaspot to rest on the clitoris. If the toy is being used during a missionary position, the man’s body weight can even assist in the added pressure of the Layaspot on the clitoris, therefore enhancing the sensation.

One of the few cons about this toy is that, for it’s size, it’s a fairly pricey toy, ranging between $45 to about $60. It’s not a rechargeable toy, so rechargeable batteries are HIGHLY recommended; I went through at least three different battery charges in the month of April. Also, although the Fun Factory touts the silence of the motor, I feel that the toy is still fairly loud for how small it is. But then again, that’s the small price to pay for how powerful the Layaspot is.

The Layaspot by Fun Factory is probably my favorite small vibe. I felt that the monetary investment I made in this toy was very much worth it. This vibrator definitely gets a big “DilDo” and is also highly recommended by yours truly.

If you own a Layaspot, let me know your thoughts on this product in the comments section.

Until next time, stay excited!

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  1. I think to should try the Hitachi Magic Wand. There are many attachments, including a rabbit. I have used and own more than one brand of wand, and found the Hitachi to be the best. The best part is they plug in, so no need for batteries.

    1. I've been contemplating reviewing the Magic Wand, but decided it against it in the beginning because it's practically a must have. But I think that I'll give it a try with the attachments.

      Thank you for the suggestion. :)

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