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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

M is for Masturbation

I’ve written two adult toy reviews and I have written about my first experience with masturbation, but I haven’t written about how important it is for a woman to masturbate. I honestly believe that I’m as laid back as I am because of how much I masturbate. I’m not a tense person, and I know that I’m generally in a good mood, which I believe I can attribute to how often I “relieve my stress”.

A few years back, one of my good friends, whom I love to pieces, was being a bit of a grump and snapping at friends. She and her boyfriend had broken up a while ago at this point, meaning that she also hadn’t had sex in quite some time. As far as I knew, and from what she had revealed to me, she hadn’t really done any masturbating, and as time passed since she gotten any she was just becoming more and more irritable. After a while, and after noticing that one friend in particular was her main target to snap at, I sat her down and suggested that she go home and masturbate. She was a bit resistant at first, mainly because of her living situation, but she finally agreed to take my advice. I don’t recall the exact amount of time that lapsed from when I sat her down to when she actually took my advice, but after she did masturbate she came up to me and told me that she was feeling a lot better. All of us noticed a difference in her as well, not to mention that her grumpiness had pretty much completely dissipated.

On a few occasions I have come to discover that masturbating has helped me with headaches and insomnia. Masturbation as a way to help with my insomnia was almost a given, considering that a great orgasm does take a bit out of you and leaves you feeling completely relaxed afterwards. But nonetheless, I highly recommend it if you’re tossing and turning and don’t have a partner to assist with the pleasure/relaxation; sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hand. 

Like I mentioned in my review for the Layaspot, I sometimes drive home while using my Layaspot. The majority of the occasions in which I masturbate on my way home from work are due to work induced headaches, which are the worst. By the time I get home I’m usually headache free and in a chipper mood. Now, I'm not saying you should masturbate when you're driving, it can potentially be a safety hazard, especially if you're extra sensitive and can't really multi-task, but masturbating after a long day at work is never a bad idea.

Another benefit to masturbation is discovering where on your body you like to be touched, rubbed, licked, and caressed. You get to take your time to find out how much pressure you require in order to cum, or what areas on your body you would rather your partner stay away from. On that same note, you get to discover what an orgasm actually is. The majority of women can’t cum with just penetration, I’ve been fortunate enough to have cum with just penetration on a few occasions, but that was the exception and definitely not the rule. Unless you have a partner that’s more than willing to please you and make sure that you finish after he’s done, then chances are that you won’t know what an orgasm is like unless you find the time to masturbate and discover what cumming is like.

So ladies, if you notice that you have been extra irritable, take some time to pleasure yourself. If you’ve had a stressful day and have a headache, take some time to pleasure yourself. If you’re having trouble sleeping, take some time to pleasure yourself. And most importantly, if you’re not sure if you’ve ever experienced an orgasm, FOR GOODNESS SAKE PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME TO PLEASURE YOURSELF!!! 

Until next time, stay excited!

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