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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And now, time to address some comments

This past week has been a hectic one, which means that I’ve had little to no time to come up with a topic and write. For this reason I decided that instead of posting something new I will instead respond to some comments made to me about my previous posts.

My Bathtub and Me:
After reading this blog post, a friend of mine asked if I knew what sex was at the time I first started masturbating. I can pretty much affirm that I had NO clue what sex was, or that having “urges” to satisfy yourself meant that you were horny. I did what I did because it felt good to me and I wasn’t hurting myself, or anyone else for that matter. But after my mom caught me I knew that I wasn’t supposed to do it, I just wasn’t aware as to why it was something wrong to do.

Another friend thanked me for being honest about the age I was when I started masturbating. Although, he thanked me because he felt guilty for having done the same thing and felt like he wasn’t alone. I’m pretty sure that there are more of us that started humping, grinding, and touching ourselves at a young age; we just probably don’t remember it. Maybe, due to being caught by our parents and being reprimanded, we stopped making ourselves feel good and repressed those memories. Whatever the case may be, I’m almost certain that my friend and I are not alone when it comes to doing things at a young age that makes our bodies feel good.

The Doc Johnson I-Vibe Rabbit aka My First Vibrator!:
One friend pointed out that I didn’t mention that I broke my first Rabbit. As I re-read that blog post I noticed that I did mention that I had to replace it because I had over used it. Well, I guess my friend wanted me to be a little more obvious about that fact.

After owning the Rabbit for just about over a year, I wore out the motor on my beloved toy. I tried to take it apart to see if there was anything I could do to try to fix it, but I wasn’t a mechanical engineer and failed at my attempt to fix my Rabbit. I didn’t know that you can overuse a toy; I think that’s probably why I have several now, so that I can rotate them and not worry about wearing them down.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month:
After I posted this story I’ve had a number of people open up about the times that they were sexually assaulted. One person in particular opened up about the trauma that she’s still experiencing from her assault. She feels that her marriage is suffering sexually because there are certain sexual acts that can trigger a memory of the assault. Because of that she and her husband haven’t really been able to expand their sexual horizons. Also, she sometimes feels disgusting during sex, and a bit guilty if she enjoys it, which are all feelings that she has recognized come from the trauma of the attack. She recommended I touch on that topic, enjoying sex after an attack, in a future post, which I definitely plan on doing.

The War on Women:
I was surprised that I didn’t get any feedback, whether it be on one side of the political spectrum or the other, on this post. I think that I’ll just leave this one alone.

Virginity:This blog post opened up a whole can of worms with multiple ex-partners. I’ve had at the VERY least five different people contact me and either try to buddy up with me, apologize, or just express concern about the possibility of being subject matter for a future post. I’m going to say this, I will definitely not be naming names, and only you, and my VERY close friends, will know when I write about you. Every experience I have had is fair game for future posts. Now, I don’t intend on just talking crap about everyone, that’s not the person that I am, and that’s not my style. What I do plan on doing is being honest. If you were an asshole and I had great sex with you then I will post that you were an asshole and I had great sex with you. If you were a sweetheart and we had vanilla sex, then I’ll probably post that you were a sweetheart but the sex just wasn’t that great.

I’ve had a variety of sexual experiences that were paired up with a wide range of personalities. I have also gotten my heart a little broken on numerous occasions, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to tear you a new one. My suggestion, if after reading this you still have reason to be afraid of what I might post, then I think that that’s saying more about you than it is about me.

The Layaspot by Fun Factory, Your BFF on Long Car Rides:Yes, I do drive with this toy. I did not fabricate that story. I also use it when I’m at home sitting at my desk and using my computer. I’ve also recommended this toy to my friends and family more than any other; that might have something to do with some women preferring clitoral stimulation and how versatile this toy is.

Talk Dirty to Me:
It was suggested that I include where you do and do not like to be licked to the list of topics you and your partner should talk about. The list I posted was definitely not an extensive one, so feel free to add topics of conversation that best fit you and your partner.

I’m pretty sure that I addressed all of the important comments that were made about those particular posts. If you have anything else to add please feel free to let me know.

Until next time, stay excited!

***If you have a story you would like to share please email me. Also, if you have any suggestions for future adult toy reviews, topics, or questions please feel free to post them in the comments section or email me at DilDosNDilDonts@gmail.com***

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