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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Night Stand

What usually happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you’re me and insist on letting people know way too much about your sex life.

In July of 2009, my cousin, whom I'll refer to as D, her friend, whom I'll refer to as E, and myself met up with my friend, R, and her group in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was there because we were celebrating my cousin's 22nd birthday. The first night we were there we met up with R who was staying at the Luxor. As we were getting ready to go out, R went down to the lobby to score us some wristbands to get into LAX nightclub for free and drink some free champagne. Prior to heading out to the club, we all started pre-partying in the room. Several tequila shots and mixed drinks in, we headed out for the night. If I'm not mistaken, we had a one hour window in which we were able to partake of the free libations. We each got a glass of champagne, toasted, and drank. It was some pretty cheap and nasty tasting stuff, but it was free, so we just continued to drink until we couldn't taste how awful it was. Within the time in which we were able to get free drinks, we must have consumed at least a bottle each.

The rest of the night is a bit harder to recall, so please bare with me on some of the facts. Whenever I discuss that evening with R and D we all agree that it was almost as if we were living out the movie The Hangover. One minute I was getting drinks for everyone and we were all dancing with guys and just having a general good time, the next minute I'm missing and R is freaking out because she doesn't know where I went. To be quite honest I don't really know how and when I left the club, but I do know that I ended up in the room of the guy I was dancing with. The moment I realized what was happening was when he and I were undressing to have sex. I recall taking off his clothes and going down on him, and then him reciprocating the act.One thing that I can vividly recall is this guy's gifted ability at cunnilingus; just thinking about how good he was is starting to make me a bit hot and bothered.

When we were done with the foreplay, the sex began. This person that I was about to sleep with, not only did he give great head, but was also very well endowed, I felt like I hit the jackpot with this one night stand. Whoever this person was, it was as if he knew what I liked. The sex was rough when it needed it to be, gentle in the end, and just fun and exciting all in between. I do feel that it's important to mention that we did use a condom. Also, after this experience, I proceeded to get tested just to make sure that I didn't get anything from this guy, which I didn't. Yay safety! After everything was said and done, I got dressed and attempted to figure out where I was and where D, R, and E were. Fortunately, R saw me from across the building and flagged me down. Needless to say, she was upset and tired, as was my cousin, who was probably more drunk than anything else. D, E and myself ended up catching a cab and heading back to our hotel to sleep it all out. D was the one that mentioned that the night reminded her of The Hangover, which was true, to a certain extent; I'm just glad I didn't end up locked up on a roof.

Oh, I almost forgot, after he and I were done with sex I sort of passed out, briefly, and later discovered that he took my cousin's camera, which I was holding in my boobs for safekeeping the entire night, and proceeded to take pictures of me lying naked. Unfortunately, D got a glimpse of those pictures; sorry about that. But she promptly deleted them and called me to tell me about it when she discovered them several weeks later. Unfortunately, I sort of told her that nothing happened, but that was because I had never done anything like this before. I was ashamed of what I had done, and felt like I couldn't really tell anyone. But in retrospect, I don't mind recounting this sexual experience. I consented to the sex, I was safe, and I still went and got tested after the whole experience. Regardless of what your sexscapades are or are not, the most important thing is your safety and your consenting to the sex.

Until next time, stay excited!

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